Sacrificial Lamb

Katie’s friends, family, and loving boyfriend have kept her from drowning in a sea of crippling anxiety. Now, a handful of medications help her though the stressful college life.

Until Matthew.

Katie becomes inexplicably and unnaturally drawn to him. Her decisions no longer feel like her own. Thrust into his world of secrets, manipulations, and betrayals, she is swept up in a torrent of emotions she can’t control. When the ties with her loved ones are severed, her world closes in. She can only see one way of escape.


But instead of finding peace in the afterlife, Katie is caught in the midst of an ancient supernatural war. When the angels have the power to control her, Katie must fight back or risk corruption and become Matthew’s sacrificial lamb.

Side Effects

If a drug has the power to give you anything you want, would you take it regardless of the side effects?


When Matthew's father and older brother leave him and his mother on their own, he stays by her side to take care of her. All he wants is her approval and attention, but she reserves it for his brother's success.


When his mind goes to a dark place, he turns to drugs. It's just simple stuff until a mysterious stranger offers him something greater. Something that will change his life. This new drug makes him feel on top of the world, and he slowly begins forming the relationships he craves.


But the side effects linger in the back of his mind, ready to strike without warning. Now, he has to find a balance, or risk hurting those around him. A Sacrificial Lamb prequel.


Change of Breed

Not everyone gets bit, but everyone changes.

When vet tech Sydney went to work, she didn't expect the zombie apocalypse to crash through her shift.

No electricity.

No phones.

No way to leave.

At Second Chance Animal Hospital, the confinement, tension, and fear will change the employees into monsters, worse than the undead zombie dogs scratching on the doors trying to get in. Sydney and the other techs will learn secrets about each other and battle their own demons, all while trying to stay alive. They will turn on each other, fall out of love, and make sacrifices no one sees coming.

Can they pull together enough to survive, or will they be picked off one by one?