• Ashley Nicole

Getting to Know the Writer Behind the Writing

Hello #WritingCommunity!

You only get to write your first blog once and I've decided to spend mine telling you a little about myself in hopes to then get to know you!

I have been #writing for as long as I can remember. I have an old time steamer trunk filled with my notebooks, some with dates from my middle school years (2004-2006-ish). My current #WIP is actually a revisit to an idea that began in high school around 2013. I am proud to say I have finished my first novel and the revising has begun! Who knew I could be a real writer?

I am visually impaired with a vision of only 20/200 (basically means bad), and was recommended to go to a death and blind school. However, my mom knew I was capable of shinning so she sent me to public school where I excelled and thrived. I loved to learn. After graduating I went to college for Veterinary Science and now work as a vet assistant.

Animals and books = mounds of love and adventure!

Outside of writing, I love to read #YAFiction, of course, but also SciFi, Mystery, Thriller, and Horror. I enjoy being outside and choose to do my writing there as often as the weather allows. In the summer I do a lot of hiking. Nature inspires a lot of the scenes in my writing. Example, in my WIP there is an iconic meadow scene that was inspired by a drive through the country. The sunlight bounced off a lake and gave everything a golden shine. This also inspired my book cover which is coming along beautifully!

My blog posting plans:

* Share my experiences

* Show you some behind the scenes to my writing and my routine

* Share excerpts and other blurbs of writing I do * Share tips and knowledge I pick up along the way

* Build friendships

I am excited to go on this #WritingJourney and share it with all of you! I have so much to learn, but what I do learn I will give back. All of us can do amazing things and the world should see it!