• Ashley Nicole

Is the Written Word Dead When It Comes to Novels?

With computers, tablets, and smartphones making it easier to jot down notes or type and manipulate longer passages, are the days of pen and paper becoming extinct?

Recently I posed a similar question to my Twitter followers asking:

"When writing, do you prefer an actual notebook and pen

or typing on a computer (or typewriter if you're really into it)?"

Within 24 hours that one tweet received almost 300 comments which was astounding to me from my small following. I must have hit a nerve in some people! Even better were the comments themselves. Diverse in reasoning but almost all leading to the big answer...

In 2019 folks, the written word is not obsolete!

Now, don't get me wrong, not everyone is writing full length novels down on paper, but over half of the comments admit to using paper and pen to help in their writing journey. Some of theirs reasons were:

  • Easier to make edits on handwritten pages for later fixes

  • After handwriting the first draft, transcribing it to a computer can be a first edit opportunity

  • A notebook is more handy and convenient than a computer

  • There are less distraction when handwriting because a computer has internet and social medias

  • Outlining is easier with paper and sticky notes

  • More aesthetic to hand write

  • Computers can crash and sometimes not auto save your work

One of the more interesting reasons I read for wanting to use pen and paper AND a computer is because there are studies that show you use different parts of your brain while using either writing process so there is more creativity potential in using both.

Personally, I also use both. I outline and write most of the scenes in a notebook. When it comes to writing the full manuscript altogether I will type it into a computer. It was really cool to see all the different views people had on their preferred writing habits.

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