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Less Common Writing Resources- Reddit

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

We've all heard of Grammarly or ProWritingAid or some other similar editing software, and we all watch the YouTube how-to-be-a-better-writer videos (Oh, just me?), and we've all read the writing craft books of the great successful authors. But did you know there are other resources out there that can not only help improve your writing but make it more realistic?

In today's blog I'm going to share one of my favorite writing resources that not everyone may use to its full potential. Over the next few weeks I will be covering the benefits of:


Google Maps and Zillow


Movie and Video Game Soundtracks




Every now and then there's memes and stories of some crazy Reddit threads floating around our social medias and maybe you've been on the website once or twice for fun, but did you know Reddit is a powerful research tool that could greatly benefit your writing?

Reddit is made up of hundreds of categories of just about any subject you can think of. There's skin care, vet technicians, TV show fandoms, singers, writers, etc. Maybe you've been on the writing sub-Reddit. This is a place you can find questions and answers about writing. There's also a publishing sub-Reddit where you can find questions and answers to publishing questions. Both of these are great uses of Reddit, but there's more to it!

Reddit also has a section called AMA's which stands for Ask Me Anything. This is where someone who is an expert in a specific field will set up a Q&A. For example, a high school jock could go on and say, "I'm star quarterback for my high school team, ask me anything!"

How is that relevant to your writing? This all goes back to capturing realism and accuracy. If you're writing about a character who is a high school quarterback, wouldn't you want him to sound authentic? Eat the right foods? Do the right practice routine? Have the right smack talk in the locker rooms? What better way to get this information than straight from the source! There's AMA's on lots of things. All you have to google is the subject, AMA, and Reddit and you will find threads to lead you were you need to be.

If your characters have a hobby or a job that you have never had this is a great place to find all your research questions without having to sift through dozens of different websites.

Reading a lot of the threads and AMA's related to your character also helps you "get into character." You can immerse yourself in their world, put yourself in their shoes, however you want to look at it, it helps you write your character better.

One last helpful thing I'd like to say about Reddit is in reading the threads sometimes you come across stories from people about a time "this" happened, or a time they did "that." Little every day stories that you can weave into your novel to add an extra layer of realism and detail.

That's all for this post! I will be posting a new resource for this series every other week so I look forward to sharing more with you over the next few months!

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