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My Writing

Hello everyone! This week I thought you all would enjoy some samples of my writing! I post one weekly on my Facebook page (Facebook.com/anicolewrites) but I also know that not everyone has a Facebook so I decided to help you out by posting here as well!

This week I'm going to share one short story, one blurb of writing, and one poem. I hope you enjoy! (Note: none of these have been edited or revised since I originally wrote them, they're not perfect)

Writing Blurb

A light autumn breeze rustles in the trees guarding the small white church where I spent my childhood Sundays. The old familiar structure has had less frequent visits from me over the years but today stands apart from all the others. I take note of my quickening heartrate and loosen my grip on my father’s arm.

“Are you nervous?” He shrugs his shoulders clearly uncomfortable in the suit I insisted he wore.

“Aren’t I supposed to be? This is kind of a big deal.” I look up at his broad frame. Signs of age leak in his graying beard and wrinkles around his eyes.

“It’s nothing to get nervous about.”

I smile to myself. Nothing bothers Dad. He’s always seemed sure of things he knew. I took his dismissing comment as reassurance that everything is how it’s meant to be despite my sweaty palm gripping the bouquet of deep greens and reds.

I’ve dreamed of this day since I was a young flower girl in my brother’s wedding but I still cannot image what is in store just behind the doors that stand before me. In my mind I can see the light hard wood floor and the two rows of pews lined with grey cushion. My family fill their seats on the left and his on the right with our mother’s sitting front row with tears already glittering their eyes, tissues clutched tight in their hands.

My maid of honor, glowing with beauty glides up the aisle in her emerald green dress, arm linked with his best man. One by one my three bridesmaids follow with his groomsmen, a parade of maroon. And lastly our flower girl walks quicker than she practiced sprinkling the aisle with rose petals and clover leaves.

My que is coming. Any minute the usher will open the front doors and it will be my turn to travel to the alter, my moment to be the center of everyone’s attention.

But my eyes won’t see them. My gaze will be tunnel vision locked on the one man who’s waiting more impatiently than anyone else for these doors to open. The man who is ready to finally see his future tied in a ribbon and a bow, cloaked in white. The man who has changed my entire life.

I shift my weight from one foot to the other. “What time is it?”

Dad pulls his hand out of his pocket to check his gold watch. “About 10 after.”

“That’s all?” I blink unbelieving. It feels like I’ve been standing here waiting for hours.

“It won’t be much longer.”

To me it’s already felt like a lifetime. Even at the beginning of our relationship I knew I wanted to spend forever with this wonderful, caring man. He took me with my countless flaws and loved me deeper than anyone before ever could. Before him I never realized potential I’ve already surpassed, the future that’s becoming the present, and the life I could have never dreamed possible.

It’s not the nerves that keep me fidgeting with my flowers, tapping my toes, and squeezing my Dad’s arm, it’s impatience. It’s the desire for the doors to fling upon so I can rush into his arms. The need to feel his embrace. There’s no question, no doubt, no uncertainty that this is where we are meant to be.

Up until now the air outside has been quiet other than the occasional passing car and our voices, but the unmistakable sharp staccato first note of the Wedding March belts out from the piano from inside. My breath catches. This is it. This is my que. I stare hard at the doors, mentally propelling them open in my mind. I stand up straighter and nudge my father out of the excitement that is finally happening. The gold knob turns slowly. Everything is happening slowly. The crack in the door widening slowly.

And then there’s nothing.

Nothing separating the inside form the outside, us from them, me from him. Our eyes lock.

But I’m stuck. I see my future but what does Dad see? The past? All the years he’s raised me to the woman I have become and the woman he’s giving away today?

The jittering, light movements have stilled and now my limbs feel like stone. Immovable weights hold me into place. Dad pulls me forward lightly. “Come on honey, it’s time to go.”

I take a deep breath and together our feet pass through the doorway of the future.


"But If Anyone Asks, We’re Fine"

I don’t talk to you

You don’t talk to me

I don’t know what to do

But you’re okay it seems

But if anyone asks, we’re fine

I stumble through my days

Looking for relief

You go on in a happy haze

Going on with your new belief

But if anyone asks, we’re fine

You used to be mine

Everything I needed

Now you’re perfectly fine

Happily seceded

But if anyone asks, we’re fine

I now have him

And you have her

But I liked it when

We were the way we were

But if anyone asks, we’re fine

Now you’re my distant dream

My faraway memory

I’m your nightmare scream

Your regret eternally

And if anyone asks, we’re not fine

Short Story

(This was one of those Three Element prompts I like so well. The elements were Flirtation, Whiskey, and A Mistake at the Zoo)

"My Deceiving Angel"

There's a little private zoo not too far down the road from my house. I can't say it's the most romantic place to take a girl, but I can't argue the privacy we have wedged between the lions and monkeys.

I bring every girl I get with here. With the alone time and alcohol I bring, I always get the night to go my way.

Tonight I have Angel meeting me here. This is quite the accomplishment even for me. She always plays hard to get and innocent with everyone, but now I have her.

And damn is she hot. I watch her saunter toward me, her head held high with such confidence as if she owns the place. I'm definitely going to enjoy tonight with her.

Unable to control myself any longer I reach out for her, bringing her body close to mine and going in for a kiss. But my anxious lips meet her fingertips.

"What do you think you're doing?" She puts her hands on her hips, "I don't think I've had enough to drink for this yet," she winks and walks over to the bottles of whiskey I brought.

I was impatient with her but I decided some drinks didn't sound bad. We each drank from the bottle. I was surprised to see she could hold her own, and not to be outdone I drank more than usual.

I was pretty trashed when I remembered what I was here for. Angel sat only inches from me. I reach for her a second time. My fingers twine in her hair and I look at her flirtatiously, pulling her to me.

She stops me a second time, "wait, I know how to make this better." She stands; pretty steady for as much as she has drank, and pulls me with her. She leads me to the lion cage and stands with her back to the metal door. "This will make it more scary and exciting. It will get our adrenaline going."

Who was I to argue with her fetishes? As long as I got what I wanted I didn't care how. I lean in for the third time and finally our lips meet. I kiss her hungrily, my drunken heartbeat racing with anticipation.

And then I’m spinning. Angel and i switch places but where my back should meet the cage door, it doesn't. My head is swimming and I try to steady myself.

The door slams with a loud clang and I find myself looking out at Angel holding the key.

"W-what are you doing?" my cloudy thoughts try to figure out what was happening.

"My parents own this zoo. I'm borrowing the keys to stop you from taking control of women here."

"You're drunk. Cut it out and open the door." I was nervous but I had to remain calm. Remain in control.

"You're mistaken. Were you really too drunk to see me spit out every drink I took? I'm completely sober."

I hadn't noticed that.

"Now, I think these pretty kitties are hungry. They're tired of watching bad things happen here. Time for revenge with no evidence left behind."

That's all folks!

I hope you all enjoyed what I decided to share today! I plan on doing more of these sparsely in the future! See you all back here next week!