• Ashley Nicole

Take a Walk with Me

Come with me.

There's a place I want to show you and you must see it through my writer eyes. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Don't wear those nice shoes though, it could be muddy. It has been raining a lot lately.

Where are we going? Well, I don't want to spoil it all but it's one of my favorite hiking trails called Pace Point located in Blackwater Falls State Park.

No, no! Put that phone away! You have to wait to see it first!

Don't you just love teleports? I really didn't feel like driving. This is the trail head. Take a look around.

Just across the road is the wooden structure of the Nature Center. Inside you'll find replicas of all the animals in this area. The large bright eyes of an owl. The soft fur of a rabbit. The big paws of a black bear-

No we're not going to run into a bear!

Anyways, let's go. There's so much more to see. You can play in the Nature Center after we get back.

The gravel trail beneath are feet is nice isn't it? Don't get used to it.

Look, over there, to you're right! That's Pendleton Lake. The mucusy green algae is beginning to take over as it spread across the top of the murky water.

And here we have reached out first bridge! Would you like to take a picture? It's perfectly safe. The flat, wooden walkway is very sturdy.

Now this is more like a trail! Feel the watch beneath your feet. Mind the rocks and roots. They'll get worse as we go.

Lots of nature to see. Look as the white Rhododendrons peek between their large oblong leaves. And the orange wildflowers open wide desperate for the sunlight seeping through the tree cover.

We've reached our second bridge! Identical to the first, but this one doesn't seem to have much water under it. Once past all three bridges we're halfway their!

Careful, the mushy muddy ground covers the entire trail right here. Walk up around the left side and you should stay clean and dry. Should.

Shhhh..... Over there on the right. It's a deer! Just a doe bit oh isn't she pretty? Her tan fur sticks out in the world of green and her dark intelligent eyes watch us intensely. She raises her black nose in the air then turns with a flash of her white tail and leaps to safety.

The third bridge! Lots of flowers here crawling up the wooden beams. Nature always fits back.

This last leg of our journey is a series of alternating rocky and muddy areas. We snake are way around them like the roots popping in and out of the ground trying to trip is up.

Oh a fresh mountain stream. The water makes the woods sound so tranquil. But yes, we have to cross. It will be okay, just use these rocks here as stepping stones.

Do you see how the trail is closing in? How the walls of green are getting more narrow? And have you noticed if you look left you can see more blue sky than before? This all means we're close the our destination!

It's actually just right around this next turn! Are you ready?


I'm just kidding!

Here we are!

Yes it's a rock

The rough, cold, grey surface of a large boulder takes up our entire view.

No I didn't bring you all the way up here just to see a rock. Come on, I'll give you a boost. Climbing up the uneven side isn't easy but find the footholds and you'll make it.

Now give me a hand up!

On top of the rock we wall to it's edge and are transfixed by the beauty before us.

How many miles we can see ..

The valley below us, no longer shielded by trees stretches on for as far as the eye can see. A vast array of trees create an ocean of green. The bright blue sky is as clear as a pool of water.

Not a man made building or road in sight. We're the anomaly here, and isn't it wonderful.

I told you it was worth it.