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Ashley Nicole

Ashley Nicole is a YA (young adult) NA (new adult) author of dark fantasy, thriller, and dystopian, as well as a writing tips blogger and writing coach on Patreon.

About Ashley

Hello creatives!

I am so excited you stumbled upon my website! Let me tell you a bit about myself. I became a self published author in May of 2020 and have since published three books! I am constantly trying to learn more about the publishing world, market, and craft and I strive to then teach you everything I learn!

I have a writing tips blog where I occasionally update new articles. I send out writing tips in my newsletter. But the main place to find writing advice and tips is on my Patreon!

My second love is reading! I love finding new books to take me to far off places and I try to support every author I meet. I have a book review blog. You can always request a book review through my contact form, but to guarantee a review plus receive other awesome perks, check out the lion tier on my Patreon.

When my nose isn't in a book (mine or someone else's) I work as a vet tech at my local animal hospital. I couldn't imagine my life without this fast paced career being a part of it. My job and coworkers actually inspired my second book, Change of Breed.

I've had a passion for writing for as long as I can remember. I have an old steamer trunk I had to have from an auction crammed full with old notebooks from middle and high school days that I like to revisit sometimes for inspiration

I try to be as transparent as I can with everyone. My goal is to help you and I can't do that by just being a person behind a computer. Let's be friends! Find me on my social medias, shoot me an email, message me on Patreon. I'm here for it all!

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