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There has been a publishing delay. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience, but the book will be coming early June! You can still PREORDER at this time. Thank you so much for your support and patience! 


Paperback comes signed, with stickers, a hand-selected crystal and tarot card tasseled bookmark, as well as wrapped in cute vintage aesthetic packaging!


Two girls.


Countless secrets.


And a spell that threatens to tear them apart.


Luna and Ally grew up with someone else’s emotions in their heads. Adopted by different families and boiling with power they don’t understand, they struggled to gain acceptance. They know they’re different. They’re witches.


Ally’s overbearing parents push her to be perfect, but no matter how much she tries to fit in, she can’t suppress the power growing inside her. When her playful tarot readings and rituals become too real, Ally’s parents take drastic action.


Luna flaunts her powers for attention—from the boys at school, from her overworked single mom, anybody. She doesn’t realize the danger that lies in wait, and a reckless use of her powers lands her in the crosshairs of a powerful coven of witches who claim she has a sister, a twin she never knew about.


As Luna and Ally struggle to master their powers, they learn the first step is trusting each other and the psychic link between them. While digging into their heritage, they uncover dark family secrets and the coven’s true reason for reuniting them. With targets on their backs, they learn that not every witch can be trusted, not even family, and those closest to them could threaten to separate the girls forever and destroy the ones they love.


Double Toil and Trouble is a spellbinding journey with quick-witted characters and surprising twists. Join Luna and Ally as they learn more about themselves, what it means to be family, and how to be the witches they were born to be

Double Toil and Trouble Signed Copy PREORDER!


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