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Includes a signed copy, stickers, bookmark, and a sketch from Charlie's character!


In Haven, breaking the law leaves you with two options: Exile or death.


Sixteen-year-old Lyric has watched countless offenders choose death. Taught to fear the dying world ravaged by the virus thriving beyond her city’s protective wall, she still can’t help but wonder what’s out there.


Sneaking outside the wall is not only a major offense, but also near impossible—especially since she’s kept under lock and key by her father, the city’s mayor. But when Lyric hears rumors of a more dangerous virus connected with the real cause of her mother's death, there's only one place she can find answers: with the infected.


What Lyric discovers outside the wall could change the course of her city. But if she trusts the wrong person, she will be the one to choose—Exile . . . or death?


Find out what secrets lie beyond the wall in Haven, a dystopian novel by Ashley Nicole.

Haven Signed Copy


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