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Books from January Week Four

This week I'm reviewing:

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This book was definitely an interesting read. The beginning of the book opens up with the main character realizing she is the last human on Earth because an alien race killed everyone else, including her family.

Now, Kylie is taken by the two aliens who killed everyone because they're "interested" in her. The problem I have here is these two just killed her family, yet she is almost unfazed by it. She's too busy falling in love with them. The love between her and them feels forced. Enemies to lovers is an awesome trope, but I think the author may have rushed it here. Not that William is a bad guy as shown through the crystal ball when Kylie looks into his past. Which is a unique way to give background information.

The worldbuilding involving the Himagus is good. They're a violent race and it's interesting to see their world and learn their drive.

I'm giving this book 3/5 stars because I did like the story, there was just some flaws where I think it could have been better.

The ending is one of those. The climax seemed rushed and the last chapter gave a whole lot of story that was rushed. I'd love to see what those last paragraphs looked like in more detail.

I do enjoy the author's writing though so I'll be keeping an eye out for more.


This is an interesting read. I think if a good developmental editor got a hold of this, it would be much better.

One of my problems is the dialogue doesn't feel natural. The author is going for stereotypical unsmart southern but it just doesn't flow nicely. It does however add some humor.

There are some places that seem inconsistent. The main character is portrayed as pretty dumb sometimes, but other times, he makes very smart connections and choices. Also, while the drinking scene was fun, just because the main character doesn't get drunk, were does all that beer go? I feel he should still have to go to the bathroom...

The author is great at describing the aliens and giving character to the scenes. However, the characters don't seem to get much characterization. I did enjoy the side character.


This is a must read for Buffy the Vampire Slayer lovers! While there are similarities to the show, this book is its own wild ride!

Abigail is such an interesting character. Being thrust into the world of vampires and warlocks she acts and reacts as expected; tons of questions. She's definitely not as advanced as Buffy, but I think that makes it more exciting. She's learning and she's vulnerable. But she's also determined and her heart makes for some interesting choices.

The multiple POV helps to world build and create tension for all the characters. The vampire world is dark as one would expect.

There's a touch of romance, but the book is packed with action to keep you turning pages.

Also, Fire breathing vampires.

The relationship between Tom and Abigail is also very interesting. She's a slayer and should kill all vampires, but she's attracted to him and even encourages him to hunt.

This book gets 4/5 from me. It is such a thrill ride with constant twists. The only reason it's not 5 stars is because the ending is a bit anticlimactic. It promises for more in another book, but I wished things were a bit more tied up first. However, I still recommend this book and I'll definitely be watching the author for more.


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