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Books from January Week Three

This week I'm reviewing:

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I love AI and super tech kinds of stories and this one started out amazing. The set up was great. The world building was really good. The characters were realistic and their drives made sense and propelled the story.

We're building tension and building tension.

And then the book ends. I fee the climax was not reached and there obviously wasn't a resolution. It's like I only got half the story.

What I did read was well done and this book would have ranked higher had I had the whole book but at the end I was frustrated and felt cheated. For that reason I can only give this book 3.5/5 stars. I would love to recommend it but just can't. I do recommend the author and I will be keeping an eye out for other works that are hopefully more complete.


This book is amazing! One of the best I've read in a while. It's a long read and took me longer than most books but it's because the world is so vast. Every character POV is like a while other story. The author gives us enough time with the characters in the beginning to learn about them, their world, and to care about them. A few times in the beginning I was a little overwhelmed with the huge cast, but soon I learned the characters. All the characters had natural conversation between each other.

The multi POV is so well down. Both sides haves drives that can be misinterpreted by the other and this creates brilliant tension.

I love the worlds this author created. The idea of living underground is fascinating, but the idea of star beings is also very good.

There is such a good balance of adventure, romantic interests, science explanations, and magical creatures.

The ending was both satisfying and cleverly hinting for more. I recommend this book and this author. This book gets 4.5/5 stars from me.


I really liked the premise of this book but once I started reading, my hopes went down.

The font choice is interesting, but not aesthetically pleasing. I commend the author for trying to stand out, but there's a reason simple font is in every other book you pick up.

The next problem I ran into was the way information was conveyed. Actually, it was almost set up like a videogame, and maybe that's what the author was trying to do, but for a novel it didn't work for me. Here are the characters, this is all the info about them. Here are the weapons, this is all the info about them and how to use them. Here are the types of zombies, this is how they attack and kill.

Also, there's not just zombies. There's zombies, aliens and some demonic entity. Definitely a different concept when it comes to the zombie genre which is good, but maybe this would have read better as a series. For a single book, it felt like there was so much the author was trying to pack in. I love zombie books, but because of everything else going on, there really wasn't much zombie action.

Because all the character traits were laid out in the beginning, as the story unfolds, I found myself not caring about the characters because they didn't do much to build on their characterization. The book was very much tell rather than show.

The author has some brilliant ideas. I'm interested to see how they grow as a writer. But this book is only a 2/5 star for me.


That's all the reviews I have for this week! If you're interested in having your own book reviewed, you can request it one of two ways:

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