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Books from July - Part One

This week I'm reviewing:


Deliver Us

4/5 Stars

Admittedly, I was a bit unsure of this book when I started. How happy I am to say I underestimated how much I'd enjoy this read. Even though I jumped in the middle of a series, the characters and world were explained enough catch me up with the story. (I do recommend reading the other books before this one just so some call backs and references make sense.)

There's comedic relief, peril, mystery, adventure, romance, everything you could ask for in a good book. I didn't know how I felt about an adult fantasy novel featuring fairytales, but this world and story is so well told, I loved it.

The author is a genius when it comes to the reader's emotions. There were some scenes where my jaw literally dropped and I was a bit frustrated like, "No, this doesn't make sense, this can't be happening," but then the author would smack that curveball out of the park. Not so much a spoiler, but the scene with Sondra and Graddock is one of those scenes.

The other did a great job with world building and character development. There are lots of details (and not info dumped) but into this book. I loved that the characters all had their own personal things going on: Sondra wanting a baby, Cinderella hiding her kid, etc.

I do recommend this book, and I will certainly be reading more from this author.


Complete Darkness

4/5 Stars

This is my second time reading this book, and let me say, I just realized there's so much more depth to this world. I picked up on a few more things this time around and it made the story all that more interesting.

Although a bit daunting at first with the footnotes, this story is very intriguing! The world building is massive and not only touches on technology but also entertainment, drugs, and politics of the future. All the POVs converge in an epic ending that leaves you wondering, "What's next?"

When I say this isn't a light read, I mean it. Sure you could breeze through it based on size, but to fully immerse yourself in this world I recommend following the footnotes and learning the technology and government agencies. It will truly make you feel like you're living that life.

Gix is probably my favorite character (no real reason 😂) and the touches of dark humor makes the story even more enjoyable.

Definitely worth the read if you have the time to invest in a complex futuristic world.


Deep Dark Secrets


Now this is a roller coaster ride of a book. The author definitely knows how to tap into reader's emotions and how to convey them so well on the page.

Starting on page one you get sucked into the mystery of this book, and every page after there's breadcrumbs of what could be going on sprinkled everywhere. Even given all these hints and clues the twist at the end still got me.

I loved watching the character arch of the main character. How she changes, handles herself, and talks with other characters is so different from the start of the book to the end, which is so impressive.

I know this author has lots more books and I'm definitely becoming a hardcore fan with just this first book I've read from her. Highly recommend.


That's all the reviews I have for this week! If you're interested in having your own book reviewed, you can request it one of two ways:

  1. Fill out the book review request form on my CONTACT page. With this option I will pick and choose the books I want to review.

  2. Join my Patreon at the LION tier and I will buy, read, review, and make promo images and mockups for your book. This option will give you a verified review which rank higher in Amazon's algorithms.

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